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Sales Manager Administrative Assistant

Task | Objective/Measurement | Results | Comments | Ranking |

Typing letters | 100% accuracy | 92% accuracy. | You have a high level of accuracy. Would like you to get closer to that 100% accuracy. Maybe proofread a little closer. | 3 |

| Completed within 24 hours of submission | Documents submitted in 30 hours | Just outside the 24 hour deadline. What might be some ways to set priorities to meet the deadline? I don’t want accuracy impacted. Think about time management and how that could help. | 2 |

Filing | 100% accuracy | Approximately 5% misfiles | You’re very close to the 100% accuracy on filing. It’s critical that filing is accurate so we’re able to find customer files quickly. Insure you check the file and where it is placed. Might need to slow down a bit to insure accuracy. It is so important to find files when needed due to customer demands. | 2 |

| Completed by end of the day submitted | Filing bin empty by 5P each day | Very good job in completing the filing by the end of the day. This really helps the sales team when looking for a file to know it is available and filed timely. | 4 |

Answering phones | Answer within 3 rings | Salespeople received customer complaints | Customers communicate a lot with us via phone calls. We want to make sure that their calls are answered timely. We want to minimize calls going to voice mail as it impacts our customer service level, plus delays calls reaching the right person. | 2 |

| Screen calls as instructed by sales manager | Sales manager calls met. | You have been very timely and on top of my calls. I appreciate and value the effort made to insure my calls are given priority. | 4 |

| Provide messages in 15 minutes of receipt | Salespeople messages not timely | Remember, if our salespeople are not receiving their messages timely, it could mean missing out on a potential sale. This is where time management skills would help. Fewer calls to voice...