"Product Life Cycle of Apple Inc.’S Ipod Paper Mkt230

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Product Life Cycle of Apple Inc.’s iPod

MKT 230

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The Apple, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. They introduced the iPods MP3 player to the market world in 2001, instantly becoming the favored portable music players. The Apple’s iPods MP3 where designed with a large storage capacities. The key purpose of the Apple Company introducing this product is to make use of the consumer’s requirements for earning revenues for the company. Their purpose was to make traveling for the consumers more pleasurable and enjoyable. In order to fulfill this goal, The Apple Inc. decide the wanted a superior products with huge storage capacity and fine battery backup. The products of Apple are known to have high value in the minds of the customers as a result of its superior technology, quality, and robustness. The iPods MP3 are offered at Apple’s many outlets, on the internet and can be purchase around the world. They are now also made accessible and available at online shopping sites and consumer electronic shops taking the world by storm.

In the introduction phase of the iPod MP3 players, the overall sales of the products were not so good, because its competitors had cheaper less appearing alternatives player like the walkman and other products on the market. However, the storage capacities of the iPod players were also exceptionally low and the prices were relatively high, which in turn, made the customers less interest in the Apple MP3 player causing consumer shy away from its products. In order to change this situation, the companies decide to align the iPod MP3 players with the competitor like Sony and Dell in the attempt to generate more revenue from the market. The company also invested greatly in more sponsorship, and begin the attempt and the augment that Apple product has more value in the technology market than it competitors.

As a result of the marketing and promotional strategies of Apple, the sale of...