Acme de Mexico Project

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Executive Summary

This document formally records and details the scope, approach, timeline, risks, and other deliverables for the ACME de Mexico store project. Acme Home Improvements, Inc. will expand its market internationally, starting with Mexico. Acme de México will adequately plan, budget and construct its new store in order to obtain greater profits for its parent company within a timeline of 12 months with a budget of $8 million USD. The project objectives are to develop a building design, assemble local employee team, prepare logistical support for supply, establish training plan for new employees and create a team to deal with international issues.

This project management plan serves as a map for how this store will be constructed and delivered. It defines project boundaries, potential hazards, milestones and major paths to our final destination. Highlights include:

• Deliverables: Interior: 100,000 square feet home improvement retail store featuring plumbing and electrical supplies, building materials, hardware and tools, paint, flooring and wall coverings, as well as seasonal and garden/yard items. Exterior: 10,000 square feet for plants/other garden items and two-floor 10,000 square feet of garage.

• Budget: Total budget for the project is 8 million dollar. Most of it will be spent on land and construction efforts. The construction company will be paid 1.5 million in US dollars while the land plot costs 2.3 million USD. In addition to these costs, the project’s initial inventory requires at least 1.5 million USD. The project team also plans to spend 875,000 USD on labor; 793,000 USD on computers; 640,000 USD on advertising; 90,000 on fees and taxes; 65,000 on supplies; 47,000 on utilities and finally 50,000 USD on Pre-operational miscellaneous expenses.

• Resources: The project team is formed as a five-member council which includes Project Manager, Operations Manager, Construction Manager, Human Resource Manager and IT manager. The sponsor of...