Identification of Stakeholders Coca Cola

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Stakeholder |Power |Legitimacy |Urgency | |Employees :

( french coca cola union) | Yes | Yes |No | |Suppliers

(Supplier Guiding Principles) |No | Yes |Yes | |Customers |Yes |No |No | |Inverstors/shareowners/ analysts |No |No |No | |Local communities and civic organizations |No |No |No | |Trade associations | | | | |Government and regulatory authority |Yes |Yes |Yes | |Media | | | | |The Coca cola company and other brand owners |Yes |Yes |Yes | |NGO’s

(World wildlife Funds) |No |Yes |No | |


① Employees:

Power : Yes

Employees have power beacause the company have what they call the « IUF Global Coca Cola workers alliance » this Alliance represent all workers of coca cola company and have different representative all over the world in order to respond the best way to workers. it has been created in 2008. Consequently, Coca Cola employees have rights, needs that have to be satisfied by the company.

This alliance is according to its statutes first and foremost established for information exchange and coordination of efforts at different levels but also to implement solidarity work on behalf of its members.

➥Legitimacy : Yes

Coca Cola employees have the skills required. In other words, when you’re joining the staff’s company you'll quickly build up an extraordinary range of experiences to develop a good profile because of a wide range of areas including: Customer and Commercial Leadership, Finance, Human Resources, Internships, IT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Packaging and innovation, Research & Innovation, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, Strategic planning, Supply Chain and Technical & Quality.

In addition, The Coca-Cola University (CCU) provides excellent learning opportunities to help employees develop both personally and in business and taking advantage of a variety of flexible, tailored and diverse resources.

Urgency : No

they have no urgency. in fact, the company need a reorganization in the sens that decisions are...