Mission, Vision, and Values Paper

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International Business Machines (IBM) is one of the world's largest computer and computer related products companies. The organizations clear Mission Statement and Vision Statement assist the company in achieving their goal of being one of the most successful computer companies in the world. In this paper, a review of the mission, vision and values statement of IBM will be discussed.

IBM Company Overview, Mission and Vision

International Business Machine Corporation was started in 1914 by Thomas Watson a National Cash Register; who was trying to save a company then known as the Computing-Tabulating-Record Company(C-T-R). Thomas Watson was marketing C-T-R’S Hollerith machine and other tabulators to the United States of American government during World War 1. Thomas Watson was supplying punch cards tabulator and with these tabulators, Thomas Watson triple (C-T-R) revenues to nearly $15 million by 1920. in 1924, Thomas Watson later changed Computing-Tabulating-Record to International Business Machines (IBM 2008).

IBM has a clear mission statement. Their statement includes their customers and their employees. The IBM's vision strive to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. IBM’s mission is dedication to every client, trust, innovation that matters for the company and personal responsibility in all relationships (IBM).

The mission statement must be clearly defined to determine the basic goals and philosophies that will shape the IBM’s strategic position. The purpose that identifies the scope of its operations in computers, computer products and market terms so the company sets itself apart from other firms in the same industry is the company’s mission (Pearce & Robinson, 2004). The statement of the IBM’s intent encompasses the firm’s strategic decision makers, the image they want to...