Appendix B the Nervous System

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Appendix B

Structures of the Nervous System

This activity will increase your understanding of the different structures of the nervous system and brain. During the Web activity, you will view a variety of structures of the brain and nervous system and label each with the appropriate term. You will use this document to write a description for the terms you used in the activity.

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As you conduct the Structures of the Nervous System activity, follow along with this Word document and fill in the descriptions of those terms you used to label the structures. All of the terms in the activity are listed here, but you only need to provide descriptions for those you used.

Term | Description |

Central nervous system | Part of the nervous system that is found in the spine and the skull of vertabrates. |

Cell body | Center of metabolic activity inside each neuron, which is also called the soma. |

Peripheral nervous system | Is located outside the Central Nervous System. |

Dendrites | Receives information from other neurons through short processes. |

Somatic nervous system | Part of the peripheral nervous system associated with the control of body movements. |

Axon | Conducts impulses away from the cell body. |

Buttons | Buttonlike endings of the axon branches, which releases chemicals into synapses. |

Autonomic nervous system | Part of the peripheral nervous system that regulates the body’s internal environment. |

Synapses | Gaps between adjacent neurons across which chemical signals are transmitted. |

Dura mater meninx | A thick, durable membrane, closest to the skull; which consists of two layers that lies closest to the calvaria and the brain. |

Mesencephalon | Has two divisions which are called the tectum dorsal surface of the hindbrain; and the tegmentum division ventral of the tectum, that makes up the midbrain. |

Arachnoid meninx | Is inside the dura mater, which is...