Art: Here and Beyond

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Art: Here and Beyond

Eddie Mathis

Kaplan University

HU300: Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond

Professor Murray

October 31, 2011

What is Art: a picture, a building, a poem perhaps? We all see art differently and as so we all have a yearning to feel atheistic. The beauty of late architecture draws a symbolic anomaly of the prestigious. Along with that we have the creation of symbols that represent heritage and family. The first piece that I present to you is an old outdated hotel that was once a gorgeous monstrosity in a time and place that has since come and gone. The second is a piece of my wife’s family history that is longing to be displayed with pride and mysteriousness. Art is more than a piece of work: it is a masterpiece.


The Brick Hotel, the Telfair Hotel, the Helena Inn, and the Willard were all the names of the same hotel. Helena, Georgia, the city in which the hotel stands in today is only a mere 2.1 square miles. What use to be a bustling city has now dwindled down to nothing. The hotel or reminisce of a hotel was used to serve the railroads when passengers’ service was available. The Willard, as I like to call it, was built in 1879 and at the time was the only brick hotel within the city’s limits. The pure size of the building places it in its own category. The size, in fact, is in perfect proportion considering all of the establishments that it housed over the years. The brickwork on the outside shows an artist whose patience and stamina were tested. Although the building may look like any other brick build of today’s era, I see in it a fortress of such. It is boastful and intricate, yet lovely and inviting. The arched doorway gave the Grand entrance into what was said to be a beautiful and elegant boarding house. The octagonal room at the top shows how the architect placed every detail from his imagination into reality. The art form of architecture has many purposes such as providing many of our human needs, giving...