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ThinkPad is a brand of laptop computers originally designed, manufactured and sold by IBM. Since early 2005, the ThinkPad range was manufactured and marketed by Lenovo, who purchased the IBM personal computer division. ThinkPad was known for its boxy black design with reliability, quality, durability, and performance, which is popular with businesses, corporations, schools and has also been used in space.

Apple, Dell, Acer are the major competitors. Elitebook from HP, Vostro from Dell and Macbook of Apple are the major competitors to ThinkPad brand of Lenovo.

* The target segments

With traditionally black and unique hard drive protection system, ThinkPad is born for business. ThinkPads have commonly featured magnesium, carbon fiber reinforced plastic or titanium composite cases with so called Active Protection System, which is an accelerometer sensor detecting when a ThinkPad is falling and shuts the hard drive down to prevent damage, in addition, it has Roll cage design to eliminate motherboard flex. ThinkPads provide a reliable and durable solution for business, which are the only laptop certified for use in the International Space Station.

Other than business, ThinkPads are also commonly used in education and medicine.

* The products & services

ThinkPads have 6 series, including T, Edge, X, L, W and XT, are based on different target segments. For example, the most popular series T balance the performance and portability. All series together make ThinkPad a brand to satisfy different customers depend on their needs. Every customer will find a suitable ThinkPad for himself. No wonder that ThinkPad has earned good reputation from all over the world. Maybe ThinkPad is not your first laptop, but must be your last one.

For the services, Lenovo provide many solutions, including international warranty, upgrade or extend warranty, online data backup, hard disk drive retention and ThinkPlus which is specific for ThinkPad. When...