Stream of Consciousness

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Stream of consciousness.

I’m single.

She dumped me. I’m single, what do I do now? Maybe it was something I done, was I not caring enough? Did I talk too much? Too little? Did she find someone better than me? She was perfect for me, I thought we were perfect for each other, she laughed at my cheesy jokes, she had the most bluest eyes I’ve seen. The way her eyes looked into mine when we laid together, there wasn’t a moment more perfect than those in her arms. I don’t know what to do now, how can I face all the happy couples at school? When inside my hearts breaking because I know the girl I love, just doesn’t love me back anymore. Didn’t I show my affection to her ? it’s hard for me. I tried my hardest. I wonder if she’s as upset as I am? Maybe she just doesn’t care. No. She couldn’t just not care... I was her first, we were supposed to be each others last. We talked about our future. She loved my flaws, i loved hers. I used to ramble on the phone to her, talking about all the gossip, talking about anything and everything. From the moment we both woke up, till we went to asleep, and every minute in between. The moon looks striking tonight, and the stars are tiny specks of beauty in the sky, she was all the beauty I needed in my life, she was all the beauty. Maybe it’s generic, how cliché I feel there must be 1000 girls crying over their heart break, but how can they felt what I felt about her? The way I got butterflies every time i thought of her? Soho. The giant street party that Saturday night in soho. Her best friend and sister was getting drunk and dancing to the music blearing out from the speakers. We just stood there, cuddling. Bopping our heads, humming the tunes. Cuddling. Nothing in the world could of ruined that night. The feel of her eyes just on me, the moment I realised she is all I want. I came home at half two in the morning, when i was supposed to get back at half 10 at the latest, my mum telling me off couldn’t wipe the smile off my face,...