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Reflection My experience with Humanities, specifically through this course, has been an experimental and intellectual journey with a a satisfactory ending. Being a musician myself I felt as though I always had a deeper understanding of music. However, my ears and mind have been opened to a new world of sounds. This is also true for the other arts we discussed – history, literature, and art. I can recall a specific experience just recently in class where the different songs we listened to were being played over a video on the overhead. The video stayed the same, but the songs changed. It was truly wonderful and also obvious how each song ignited a different feeling for the same scene. This is an amazing example about the power of music, which is something I firmly believe in. Some songs/sounds induce a melancholy sense or reality while others perpetuate strength and courage when linked to the right perception. I consider myself to have a pretty extravagant imagination. With that being said, I find myself very happy that I took this specific humanities course. Never before have I looked at a piece of art and try to interpret its meaning. It was mostly a decision or do I like it? Or, Do I not like it? This idea brings to mind the beginning of class in November when professor Semivan took us to a sculpture that was a result of his creativity. In all honesty, if it wasn't for his insight and explanation behind the piece, every time I walked by I would not think twice or even notice the sculpture. However, after listening to him express his emotion and inspiration behind the piece I found myself being motivated. His explanation involved a man on a boat reaching for the moon. I can't sit here and say that I felt the same or fully knew what he was getting at. However, what I can say is that I understood his devotion to the piece of art. I understood how a story can inspire the imagine to great lengths. And above all, I understood that the meaning...