Why People Obey Law

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Why People Obey Law

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2 page paper (excluding cover and references): why you obey the law, how did you develop your reasons and assess the impact your reasons have on you and society ++

- title page with full name, class name, section number, and date. ++

 -Is the reason good or bad for the individual or society ++

Example for each reason that illustrates your assertions ++

Discuss the reasons you did not chose as making you obey the law -2

How do they impact individuals and society -2

Provide example for each reason that illustrates your assertions -2


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Law and Society LS308

Alan Daniel

November 22, 2011

People’s reasoning for obeying law vary from person to person, culture to culture, and often are a combination of more than one reason each unique to the individual. When reviewing why I, myself obey the law, I find that it is a combination of the reasons that have been discussed this unit. I was raised by a young, but extremely nosey mother that did not let anything get by her, for one. In conjunction with my mother, my father and grandparents were/are the type of people that those who know them would call “good people”. They were church on Sunday, God fearing, family oriented people with a love for their country. I was taught that we only take what is ours, and we help others in need. I was taught to respect those of authority and the laws they enforce. Of the factors: Pressure, Morals, Obligations, Peers, Harm, Habit, I can list family influence as a factor in nearly every scenario. All the so called “major offenses”, murder, theft, battery, deception, just to name a few, are not something that would ever cross my mind as an option due to the morals I was taught.

Even now as a grown woman, I would attribute fear of letting my family...