New Huntsville Plant

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Project Name | Huntsville Plant Project | Project Number | 001 |

Project Manager | Nikki Thigpen | Prioritization | High |

Owner(s) | Seitz Corporation | Start Date: | April 17, 2011 |

Scheduled Completion Date: | June 30, 2011 |

Mission | To build a larger plant to increase the company sales. |


Scope | * Select resources such as: Architect, Real Estate Consultant, and General Contractor * Recruit and Train Managers for Huntsville Plant * Create a Pre-Production and Production Plan * Create a Building Concept and Design * Procure Building Site, Permits, and Appropriate Approvals * Construct the Huntsville Plant Building * Landscaping on Site * Personnel Recruiting for Plant Operations * Procure Equipment, Raw Material and Truck Fleet * Install Equipment * Create Product Distribution Plan and Pre-Production Plan * Start Up Production and Distribution |


Objectives | #1. Double total sales within the next decade.

#2. Develop and market new products based on the company's plastics experience.

#3. Reduce dependence on equipment suppliers.

#4. Reach first or second in regional market shares.

#5. Attain a national presence in the container industry.

#6. Increase productivity. |


Assumptions | * Required technical staff for the new plant will be recruited from the internal and external sources * Funding for the project will be ready for immediate use * The new technology prototype will be ready to be used in the new plant * To start construction building permit & approval should be obtained. * Construction materials should be available before the start of preparation phase. Plant readiness phase cannot start unless equipment and raw materials arrive on time. * Construction of new plant is expected to end by Dec 2009. |