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Nicolas Resendiz

A.P. U.S History

December 1, 2011

Mrs. Welch

Short Paper #1

The American Revolution was a war to acquire freedom for the thirteen colonies, in North America, from British control. This Revolution can almost be called a miracle. What other name can be given to a group of colonists winning a war against the world’s greatest empire at that time? On the contrary this victory cannot be called a full miracle because American independence did not come down from the sky to the colonists. Actually the major and greatest factors of obtaining American independence were in America’s politics, diplomacy, and military strategies on the field. The Continental Congress was able to stick together and overcame all political problems of those times. America gained friends or allies and the out fought the world super power.

Before the American Revolution the American colonies were never united. During the French and Indian war the Albany Plan of Union had been destroyed. After Lexington and Concord the Continental Congress met again in 1775. A colonial army was created which was under the leadership of George Washington. America declared independence after George Washington successfully took down British forces in Boston. This was amazing because of all the young country’s difficulties one of them which was not being able to tax there for having a limited amount of supplies. The Continental Congress was able to keep the colonies sticking together which was thought as impossible at the time and it was a a great shock the huge the effectiveness of this.

Benjamin Franklin was a major character when discussing the colonies’ successful diplomacy. Benjamin was very brilliant in analyzing and resolving problems. He was sent to France to request support. Franklin made friends with many nobles of France in salons or night parties. Benjamin Franklin had to support the ideals that America could bring down the world’s super power, Great Britain. In 1777 that’s exactly...