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Netcare Access is a community human service agency in the County of Franklin, Ohio. It is open twenty-four hours and offers substance abuse and mental health assessments, stabilization, and crisis intervention services. Client age ranges from teens to the elderly. Counseling and therapy services are also available by referral from other local agencies.

• Netcare has a well rounded therapeutic team consisting of physicians, nurses, social workers and counselors.

• Netcare has a no reject policy, offering treatment even to those unable to pay

• Netcare Access is also a direct link to the Franklin County's Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health system of care.

Netcare Access is a private foundation, a corporation and a non-profit organization. The Netcare Foundation raises money to help support other programs and services offered by the corporation. The board of trustees is made up of eight members who serve a minimum three year term. The members are business community professionals who have an interest in health, mental health, or fundraising.

The Foundation successfully contributes to the Corporation for investing in community outreach vehicles, building maintenance; youth services tools, continuing education, and employee scholarships.

The majority of the Foundations funding comes from a self sponsored annual golf tournament. Additional funds come from other Corporate and private donations which are all tax deductible. Gifted donations help the Foundation meet its goals of intervention, education, and advocacy.

Netcare’s Mission

[Netcare is dedicated to helping people in crisis with prompt, compassionate, effective and respectful care and providing prompt, professional and comprehensive evaluations and assessments for the courts and community agencies. In doing these things, Netcare seeks to create a positive impact on the community, interested parties and stakeholders.] (


Netcare’s values include; caring,...