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4) Stated strategic recommendations:

a) Broad Differentiation with different brands

The majority of dating site users will not be entirely happy with the service because dating by its nature is a frustrating process. This is because by definition the chances of meeting that sdfsdfsdfpeciasdfsdfl someone is always low probability. In this point, eHarmony created the right service and branding to sucsdfsdfcessfully target serious relationship seekers – selling the hope of finding marriage and delivering a service that mirrors that hope is more important than actually delivering the result (marriage).

Unlike casual dating and photo personal sites, eHarmony requires a significant invesdfsstment of time and effort. Based on the premise that finding a mate for life is the most important decision sdfsdfa person can make, eHarmony membership takes dedication and perseverance. Each new sdfsdfeHarmony user fills out a comprehensive 436-item relationship questionnaire.

This inventory is designed to identify a person’s key characteristics, beliefs, values, emotional health and skills. Once the profile is complete, eHarmony employs its patented scientific matchdfsdfing methodology, which is based on the 29 dimensions it says are required for compatibility and relationship success.

The company’s obsessive focus around its matching algorithms and true desire to help its users find marriage differentiated it from all other dating sites. There are a large number of extremely loyal former customers who believe that they never would have met thdfeir soul mate if it weren’t for eHarmdfsdfsdfony. Long-term success can be accomplished by eHarmony efsdfsdfxtending its brand by using these innovative websites focusing on key life stages and differentiating itself from its competition, i.e. Chemistry.