Riordan Manufacturing Process Design

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Riordan Manufacturing Process Design

OPS 571 – Operations Management

Riordan Manufacturing Process Design

Riordan Manufacturing is known as a leader in the plastic injection molding industry and employs approximately 500 individuals. Plastic car parts, plastic beverage containers and plastic fan parts are but a few of the products that Riordan produces and they have received notoriety for their innovative and creative design regarding these products. Team C will focus on improving the current Materials Requirement Planning strategy in order to increase efficiency and profitability.

Materials Requirement Planning

In an effort to improve the current MRP at Riordan, Team C proposes a majority of the focus to be placed on metrics used to measure all areas of their business from procuring supplies to distribution of the finished product. It is important to note that even though third party vendors have a large presence throughout the electric fan production process, implementing the new metrics will help to increase efficiency of the production processes that Riordan controls. The desired end result would be a more streamlined process while decreasing any potential breakdowns or bottlenecks. In addition, Riordan will more accurately forecast production of fans based upon demand and a more accurate production process. For instance, if there happens to be an order placed that falls outside of their routine order schedule, Riordan will adequately supply this order due to a detailed systems of metrics that helps them accurately maintain and control product inventory.

A Supply Chain for the Electric Fans

Efficient supply chain management is highly important for any company’s success at the market. As Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano (2006) stated, “many companies are achieving significant competitive advantage by the way they configure and manage their supply chain operation” (p. 406). In order to reduce costs, and therefore in order to...