The Prosperous Roman Empire and the Church from the Early Middle Ages and the Confrontation by the Muslims Resulting to the Advent and Spread of Islam

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I. Introduction

This research is intended to focus on the event of the church history starting in the early Middle Ages particularly the rise of the Muslims. I preferably did not direct to the event of the Muslim maneuvers in the early Middle Ages for this reason, perhaps we can understand more what’s going on in this period if we visit the past. Generally speaking, the prior event before this happening should be taken in order to understand more clearly why this thing so happened. So whatsoever event related to this topic should be included to somehow help us not to go away from the mainstream of the history. Every event before all this happened is a counterpart of the whole event that what we are going to discuss here.

As soon as church history is concern, it is undeniable that Roman Empire plays a great rule in making its history. It is described in many historical books that after the death of Christ and the time of apostles, the word Christianity is nothing but an object of persecution likewise the church. However, in the time of Constantine the great, the church history’s course was changed. It went into the other way around. There was no more persecution of the church or to any of the Christians.

After the conversion of a great known Roman Emperor Constantine to Christianity, the persecution of Christian suddenly stopped. The church experienced a comparative peace and rapid growth during the time of Constantine. The church flourished and the Christian civilization clearly emerged during Constantine’s time. This was the prosperous time of the church and of the Roman Empire whose head was the great Constantine. However, this peace and time of prosperity was suddenly gone when the Barbarians in the borders of the Roman Empire disturbed the peace. They rose in power and they became mighty warriors and conqueror that was not even expected to happen. They were able to conquer some of the part of the empire. They continued pressing in the whole empire by...