Discuss the Positive and Negative Effects of Tourism on People and the Environment

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Discuss the positive and negative effects of tourism on people and the environment

Since the end of World War II, the developed countries have made very significant leaps in progress. Owing to this development, the populations of these countries have seen their standards of living enhanced year after year, until they have reached a situation in which most of the people are living a healthy and comfortable life. Parallel to the rise in standards of living, many people developed a strong desire to visit different parts of the world, and hence foreign tourism was born. It is now common for people to take a holiday in a foreign country rather than in their own native country. This essay will discuss the effects of tourism on people and the environment. Introduction: the way foreign tourism was born and introduction of the purpose of the essay

Most people tend to take a holiday at least once a year; for some people it is almost a duty. Due to the higher standard of living, people, especially those from developed countries, do not hesitate to spend large amounts of money on the pleasure of having a break far from their permanent residence. Travel agencies and tourism companies have capitalised on this trend; they display advertisements and attractive pictures, and offer affordable prices with the aim of enticing more people to travel the world on holiday. This has caused the number of people who travel for their holidays to multiply many times over the past few decades. In addition, holidaymakers tend to travel to tropical and coastal towns where they can enjoy permanent sunshine, beaches and extensive forest areas. Thus, it would seem that there is no part of the world that has not been touched by tourism. Body: the increasing foreign tourism due to the higher standards of living

The millions of holidaymakers who travel the world looking for new places have caused serious problems for the local population and for the environment of the destination countries....