Argumentative Essay on Marriage

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Argumentative Essay

Topic: Couples should be allowed to live together 4-6 months before deciding to get married

Live Together : Do Couples Really Need This Trial Period?

Marriage is a hefty business. It’s a long term commitment and often not that easy as the fairytales has made it sound. With the growing trend of divorce rate it is easy to predict how this generation is not coping very well with the lifelong commitment of marriage. But that does not mean they will cope better with each other after marriage if they live together for a while before marriage. It will be only another excuse for this impatient generation to quit relationship instead of putting effort in it. So, no, I would beg to differ from the given statement.

First of all, in this age of facebook, twitter and iphones people are moving fast. Too fast for their own good sometimes. This relationship isn’t working, why bother fixing it? Just switch to another one like you switched to iphone because blackberry wasn’t just doing it for you. This is the general perception about relationships now days. If couples are given chance to live together to “try out” each other before marriage, it will not only exhaust all the values about marriage it will also create a moral muddle here in east, since it conflicts with our culture and belief totally.

The stated arrangement will allow couples to retreat from the relationship if something goes wrong. It kills the spirit of keep working on a relationship. It indicates as if the 4/6 months will be enough to predict if the future is going to be happy or not. In my opinion the compatibility and understanding marriage requires is not developed in a day or in 4/6 months. It takes time.

No two people on earth are perfectly compatible to live together. Every couple will have difficulties getting used to each other’s quirks or...