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POSITIONING is the process of creating an image in the mind of consumers by which consumers can understand the uniqueness about the product when compared to competitor’s product.

McDonalds is known as a family restaurant. McDonalds isn’t just selling burgers and fries, it sells fast food that tastes the same, no matter when or where it’s ordered, in an environment that’s clean and friendly to families.

McDonald’s differentiates their fast food by offer different side dishes compared to Burger King and KFC whereby Burger King offers onion ring, KFC offers coleslaw and McDonalds offer French fried potatoes.

In other countries, McDonalds, Starbucks and 7-Eleven are competing with each other’s by producing coffee. But in our case presentation we are looking at the Malaysian perspective. McDonalds, Starbucks and 7-Eleven position themselves to the market through their mission statement.


MCDONALDS | Be Our Customers’ Favorite Place and Way to Eat |

STARBUCKS | To Inspire and Nurture the Human Spirit, One Person, One Cup and One Neighborhood at a Time |

7-ELEVEN | To Serve the Needs of Our Communities |

When you see the word Favorite Place and Way to eat it’s already shows that McD is concentrates on the life style of people.

Starbucks only concentrates towards upper classes background whereby they are concentrates only on their coffee i.e 1 cup, one person and one neighborhood are for upper classes background.

7Eleven only concentrates towards people but not their product when they said to serve the needs of our communities. 7E don’t produce their own product by using their own name.

In order for McD to position them as a well-known to the market, McD used global advertising such as slogan ‘I’m loving it’.