Organisation Development

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Human process interventions

Indiviual , interpersonal , group processes

Organisation process approaches

Intro :

To improve individual performance and improve interpersonal relationships , group processed

Individual : Coaching and training

Group processes : Process consultation , Third party intervention , Team building

Coaching :

Highly personal ,

Focus on skills , leadership styles , goal clarification , conflice management ,

Involves guided inquiry , active listening , reframing

Application stages :

Establish the principles of the relationship

Conduct personal or systemic assessment

Debrief the results

Develop an action plan


Assess result

Training and development :

To improve skills and knowledge through lectures simulation action learning computer games case studies.

Perform need assessment

Develop obj and design



Group process :

Process consultation

Communication , Functional role of group members , Group problem solving and decision making , Group norms , Use of leadership and authority

Individual intervention : Johari window

Group intervention :

Focus on process , content , structure of the group

Process : Sensitize group to its own internal processes . Ask questions , interviews about the problem relationships , solving , decision making ability , raison de etre

Content : What does it work on , agenda setting

Structure : How task is allocated , monitoring progress

Third party intervention

Focus on conflict arising between two or more people

Substantive issues like reward system or interpersonal issues

Substantive issues : Arbitration and mediation

3rd party for interpersonal issues , Help the parties to interact with each other , facilitationg diagnosis of conflict and resolution

Episodic model

Four stages :

1 Understand the triggering event : New product introdn

2 Set limits on the form of conflict through...