International Strategy

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Lyceum of the Philippines University

Institute of Advanced Studies

Laqui, Ian Jim Santos [Student #: 11-2-98316] – Master in Business Administration

Corporate Planning: MBA 520/Saturday: 1-5 PM/Room 201

Dr. Leon R. Ramos Jr.

Corporate Strategy

International Strategy

Trends and Issues


1. To define different techniques in the international market. That would include the two (2) level of international strategy that may be use by the future international managers.

2. To identify the advantage and disadvantage of every aspect related to international expansion. By doing this, we can avoid such risk in the future preparation in the international market.

3. To be fully equipped in the competition in the international diversification.

Definition of Terms

1. Business manager – this type of manager plays three roles, serving as “the strategist for the organization, the architect of its worldwide asset configuration, and the coordinator of transactions across national borders”

2. Corporate Manager – these managers serve in corporate headquarters and orchestrate the organization’s activities, playing the roles of leader and talent scout and developing promising executives.

3. Diversification – is a corporate strategy to increase market penetration [wikepedia]

4. Economy - social network where goods and services are exchanged according to demand and supply between participants by barter or a medium of exchange with a credit or debit value accepted within the network [wikepedia]

5. Innovation – emphasized on the use of technology

6. International Strategy – is a strategy through which the firm sells its goods or services outside its domestic market

7. Labor cost – or labor market; is the amount an organization must pay to compete against other companies that have similar employees.

8. Licensing – granting rights to another firm in the host country and/or sell a product.

9. Multinational...