Law in Practice

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For the Law in Practice project, I have signed up under the Streetlaw School project organized by the BPP Pro Bono Centre. Streetlaw projects promote understanding about legal rights and responsibilities and the role of law to individuals who would not otherwise have access to legal knowledge or education. Under Streetlaw School, these knowledge and information of law is targeted to students and youths from the age of 10 to 17.

The Streetlaw School project enables me to gain experience of researching a range of legal issues and also to learn presentation skills through delivering presentations to the students. I have also gained experience in developing my communication and social skills in order to have more interactive sessions with the children and youths.

The first project I have participated is a presentation on the theme ‘Crime and Punishment’. This lesson took place on 21st January 2011 at Westminster Kingsway College, 211 Grays Inn Road, London. The targeted students for this lesson are those aged from 16 to 19 years old. The aim of ‘Crime and Punishment’ is to examine a situation, from the points of view of both the accused and victim, in which a crime has purportedly been committed. These involve educating the students on what kind of behavior should constitute a crime and what kind of punishment is appropriate for various crimes. The lesson was conducted by first giving the students two kinds of scenarios which consists of different crimes with different gravity and asked them to compare and spot the offences. A quiz was also conducted followed by a presentation of the relevant law and information relating to the Criminal Justice system. Through these activities, students are hoped to learn that different crimes carry different punishments and these punishments vary depending on the circumstances relating to the accused and also what are the goals of punishment.

The second project that I took part in is the Goldilocks...