Children Obey Parents

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Do you think children should always obey their parents? Are there times when it is not necessary for children to obey?

Children Should Not Always Obey Parents

Although children know it or not, parents always give them the best things. Parents spend great love for their children, and they also want their angels to obey them in every time. Most people think that children must always obey parents. However, I believe that there are many times and cases in which children should not always obey parents.

First of all, children should not comply with their parents’ requests in choosing future professions. For example, a father, who owns a big company, wants his son to follow his footsteps by working in his company as a director. However, his son is not interested in business . In facts, he dreams of being a doctor in the future. At that time, if he lives up to his father’s expectation, he will feel very depressed and work in the company with no enthusiasm. Therefore, in this situation, children should follow their ambitions instead of obeying their parents.

Secondly, it is not necessary for children in some special cases to obey parents in choosing partners for their life. All parents love their children, but few of them understand their children’s feeling and thinking. For instance, a mother wants her daughter to marry a rich man with his parents’ great properties, but can do nothing by himself instead of a poor hard_working man, who her daughter is in love with. We can see it conspicuously that the mother wants her daughter to live happily in prosperity life. However, she does not understand what her daughter really needs for a happy life in which money is not so important. Therefore, it is needless for children to follow their parents’ wishes in deciding partners for their life in some particular situations.

Finally, although parents are experienced people in life, they still sometimes make mistakes. In fact,...