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Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

OPS 571

September 28, 2011

Patti Madrill

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

Process improvement techniques in a manufacturing setting integrate operational processes resulting in an increase of efficiency. Riordan Manufacturing’s electric fan units become the topic of review leading to improvement in the organization’s flow in consideration of their process design. Review of the company’s MRP of their electric fans provides a thorough analysis of new process designs for incorporation. Globalization methodology will also be a focal point of review within the organization’s supply chain to lower costs. A production forecast for the manufacturer will identify key factors the organization will chose to consider for the implementation of its new process design. Restructuring the current process through process design analysis will ensure the company improves its operational capacity through maximization of resources and maintain a competitive advantage.

Material Requirements Planning

The Riordan’s electric fan processing process will greatly benefit by incorporating a Materials Requirements Process (MRP). Components, parts and subassemblies can be broken down and kitted or grouped together (Chase, R., Jacobs, F., & Aquilano pg. 562). If an expediter inputs a specific part number for a fan into the MRP database the fan and all associated parts, hardware, appear on the screen. This simplifies ordering, it eliminates researching for subassemblies, and miscellaneous parts or hardware for any given fan. As orders for fans come in, the raw materials required to manufacture those fans will be ordered immediately, by the touch of a button, or it can be set to order automatically. This will effectively reduce turnaround time. As the raw materials are received, the current system has an inventory clerk input the data into the computer; as the raw materials leave the storage warehouse, they are inputted into the...