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Information Systems perform important operational and managerial support roles in businesses and other organizations. Therefore, several types of information systems can be classified conceptually as either:

•Operations Support Systems

•Management Support Systems

Operations Support Systems

Information systems are needed to process data generated by and used in business operations. Such operations support systems (OSS) produce a variety of information products for internal and external use. However, they do not emphasize producing the specific information products that can best be used by managers. Further processing by management information systems is usually required.

The role of a business firm’s operations support system is to:

•Effectively process business transactions

•Control industrial processes

•Support enterprise communications and collaboration

•Update corporate databases

Transaction Processing Systems (TPS)

Focus on processing the data generated by business transactions and operations.

Transaction processing systems record and process data resulting from business transactions (sales, purchases, inventory changes) . TPS also produce a variety of information products for internal or external use (customer statements, employee pay checks, sales receipts etc.).

TPS process transactions in two basic ways:

• Batch Processing - transactions data is accumulated over a period of time and processed periodically.

• Real-time (or online) processing - data is processed immediately after a transaction occurs.

Process Control Systems (PCS) - Process control systems are systems, which make use of computers to control ongoing physical processes. These computers are designed to automatically make decisions, which adjust the physical production process. Examples include petroleum refineries and the assembly lines of automated factories.

Enterprise collaboration systems are information systems that use...

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