Rsv in Children

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Katherine Hunter

July 09, 2010

I was asked what my major accomplishments in life to date are. I would have to start with my kids. I have two kids and one coming very soon. My kids are what keep me going in life they are my pride and joy. I am also very proud of myself for getting a 4.0 in the medical assisting program here at western career college. I have decided to enter the medical field due to past and present health issues I have and face in my own life. I am a determined person that my favorite word and I am here today because of determination for success in my life.

Having to grow up in foster homes and group homes since the age of five without family made me want to give my kids something I never had as a child. To be able to give them love and support gives me a since of fulfillment. I would like to provide the qualities in life that I never had as a little girl. To go through life with a learning disability and to be treated as if you are stupid by teachers was also very hard. I was told in my adult life that I am very smart I just had a spelling issue and I should not let that hold me back from achieving my goals in life. After I did the medical assisting program with some accommodations and received a 4.0 I then knew that I can do whatever I set my mind to whatever challenges II had to face.

As a child at ten years of age I was diagnosed with diabetes. Life became very hard due to my upbringing I used to have foster parents look the refrigerator and cabinets so that I did not eat what was bad for me. You could have imagined how that felt as a kid having to inject insulin on a daily basis just to live. When I became pregnant with my oldest child at the age of sixteen it was very hard to give carry her due to the diabetes and preterm labor. Then I later in life I had injured myself on the job and a simple span became infected called MRSA staff infection. The MRSA almost took my life, but being the determined person that I am I made it through...