Doing Business in New Zealand

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Doing Business with New Zealand


The purpose of this paper is to determine if New Zealand would be a country in which to do business, either by setting up a company or exporting products. This paper gives a brief history of the country and the culture of the people. It also addresses the educational system and religious preferences. The economics of the country and the political system are discussed. This paper also looks at the legal system, the use of technology, and the status of the infrastructure. Current business opportunities are discussed.

New Zealand, a small country about the size of Colorado, is bounded by the Tasman Sea on the west and the Pacific Ocean on the east. New Zealand is made up of two major islands, the North Island and the South Island. Each main island is divided into sixteen regions. Each region has a government. New Zealand’s government is parliamentary. There is no formal written constitution. It was declared a dominion in l907. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth (U.S. Department of State, 2009).

New Zealand is a culturally diverse nation with a population of 4.3 million. English is the everyday language. Maori is the other official language but it is not widely spoken. New Zealand is the youngest country on earth with a very rich history. An 1840 treaty between Maori and the British crown is New Zealand’s founding document. The first New Zealanders, the Maori, immigrated from their homeland of Hawaiki. European migration followed. In 1839 there were only about 2000 Europeans in New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi, signed in 1840, made New Zealand a British colony. This had a great impact on New Zealand’s population. Immigrants were given a paid passage. As a result, forty thousand immigrants arrived in New Zealand between 1840 and 1860. There has been a considerable migration from Asia over the last 15 years. People have also migrated from Scotland, Croatia, Europe, Australia, America, and China (New...