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Author: TheDeeBoy

TheDeeBoy gives us a brass tacks breakdown of texting a girl.

This is a guide for text messaging game, it’s a summary of various recent posts on the issue. I would like to give credit to all those who have contributed with posts on the forum, PM’s and text msgs, all were very helpful and much appreciated.

Since the follow up between day 1 and day 2, depends so much on which direction the initial interaction went, I have broken it down between Comfort based game and Sexually direct game. It is essential that the follow up is totally congruent with what went down during the set itself.


Text Game:


Between day 1 & day 2, the only job for you as a man is to make her feel good about herself. You cannot do Negs/IOD’s/Takeaways/ Freezouts etc, via text. If you make her feel uncomfortable with text, why on earth will she meet you for a day 2. You can be C&F but make sure it comes off right, remember it is text, it has its limitations and unlike phone calls it’s harder to recover from errors, so the fact that it’s a tease has to spring off immediately from the text including any emicons available.

Text is for the following objectives:

Humour her-It’s great for using call-back humour (referring back to a funny experience you shared with her) including creating new funny mental images in her mind. Validate her-with over the top compliments, which are actually not IOI’s, since it would be obvious you use it for every girl, but nonetheless makes her feel good about herself, in the same way I like it when a girl calls me “Handsome” whilst I know she says it to everyone, I still like it. Escalate-Never reply to static stuff, always be escalating. If during set it was sexual ramp it up big time, if not don’t start going all sexual via text, she’ll be scared to meet you. Frame control-Ensure your agenda is leading the text exchange. Logistics for getting together.

Text Concepts:

Don’t answer right away and give a genuine...