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What are your top 5 New Year’s Resolution?

1. Quit my Vices

I will stay away from a friend who is not a good influence to me. Instead of doing some things that can affect my health, I better indulge myself in sports which can develop my talents and abilities.

2. Study Harder

To attain my goals and dreams in life, I will study harder. By using my time wisely, I can focus more in my studies. I will do my assignments first before doing things like watching T.V and playing computer games. I will also listen attentively to the teachers during their discussion and comprehend what they are teaching. Lastly, I will lessen my time in texting.

3. Spend my time wisely with my Family and Friends

This is one thing that I couldn’t perfectly have because my family are busy on their own that we couldn’t have time to spend together. The same situation with my friends so I want to set exact date and time for us to have a bonding. Thus, we can bond together.

4. Learn new things

I want to learn new and amazing things so that I can share it to others. Something fun and enjoyable because I want to be adventurous.

5. Reduce Weight

I want to reduce weight because I’m already chubby and gaining more weight. And I’ve already decided to lessen the food I eat, like eating too much sweets, and foods that contains too much cholesterol. I will also exercise regularly to have physically fit body.


After today, I will try to apply and do the things that I wrote in new years resolution. So help me god.

After today, I will stop eating too much sweets and fatty foods.