Operation Plan

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Describe & Explain Minor/Major Difference(s) between what you have planned and what actually happen for the real business. Explain why such change(s) occur? Does this occurrence significantly change your business course of action or not? Please provide evidence(s).

The operational plan is an essential component to our business plan and it tells the reviewer how we are going to get our product out to market. In our Sweet And Spicy Co, we didn’t face any major differences from what we have planned and what actually happen in our real business. But besides that, our Sweet And Spicy Co has faced few minor problems which have affected our operation plan.

The minor differences which have effect a slight changes in our operation plan is, firstly there is a changes in our product that we sell. Actually earlier we didn’t have an idea of having a combo set which combines our MMU Muffin and also our Malaysian Drinks. But later on, we have decided that this changes would help us increase our profit because MMU Muffin which consists of 3 muffins in a box and it cost around RM 4 and our Malaysian drink which costs RM 1.50.But when we combined it as a combo set we cost it around RM 5 per set. In this case Sweet and Spicy Co didn’t face any losses since we get back our investment money for the MMU Muffin. We did sales activity in the hostel and also during the ‘Intracampus’ event but we didn’t get much sales as we expected. But during our sales activity on the Christmas Eve at Kajang Church we do have many customers who have interested in our product since Christmas Celebration is an event which makes a sweet festival for those who celebrating it and we has sold out all our MMU Muffins and also Malaysian Drinks. There was a great for our Malaysian product since it’s not that popular among the customers and also in the market.

The second changes in that effects our operation plan is our supplier price changes. There is a changes in price where the supplier has promised...