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Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik is the Chief Belief Officer of the Future Group. To know about this role and designation click here.

Trained in medicine, he spent 15 years in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries first as a freelance content provider and then in organizations such as SIRO clinical research, Goodhealthnyou, Apollo Health Street and Sanofi Aventis, before joining Ernst & Young as Business Advisor.

That is when he met Kishore Biyani of Future Group (Big Bazaar, Pantaloon, Central) who convinced him to turn his hobby into his vocation.

For over 15 years, Devdutt wrote and lectured extensively on the relevance of mythology (not just Hindu mythology) in modern times.

Since becoming Chief Belief Officer of Future Group in 2008, he has specially focussed on Mythology and Management and is currently leadership coach and inspirational speaker to many organizations besides Future Group.

He consults Star TV on storytelling techniques and patterns. And is a regular in the management seminar lecture circuit. His columns on management and culture that appear in Economic Times, Sunday Mid-day, Tehelka, Hindustan Times, and Times of India, are a hit with general and specialist readers. He has written over 25 books for everyone from adults to children, for youth to business executives.

A list of books written by Dr.Pattanaik  in the last decade :

Mythology Books

1.      Shiva – An Introduction

2.      Vishnu – An Introduction

3.      Devi – An Introduction

My Work as Chief Belief Officer

Chief Belief Officer was a designation created by the Future Group just to draw attention to the value of ‘belief’ in business. Modern Management Theory is based on objectivity and logic and has no room for belief. Belief is subjective truth and is the cornerstone of mythology, and plays a key role in business. My role is to draw attention to this invisible cultural lever that shapes our decision.

Belief shapes behavior which shapes business. Different beliefs is what makes...

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