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Consolidated Chicken Products

Felecia Simmons

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June 13, 2011

Dr. Liland Jordan


This scenario was regarding a fellow name Sam Jones, who was put in a position to be a

personnel director. While doing research on the company he realized that there were double

standards in pay between the women and men. He brought his findings to the owner John

Birchwood, Sr. and he informed Sam to let well enough alone. Sam decision has to be one that

will benefit the company or he could risk losing his job.

1. Is there a reasonable basis for believing that the company is discriminating against

women? If so, explain what it is and if not, explain why not.

There is a reasonable basis for believing that the company is discriminating against

women. According to the Table 1 Results of Job Evaluation for Plant Jobs the pay range was the

same for both men and women; however the men was paid closer to the higher pay range and the

females were paid at the lower pay range for each labor grade. There were more men working in

the plant. Out of the 100 workers 30 of them were female workers. The woman was doing the

same work as the man and was getting paid the minimum for doing the same work as the man.

The woman who worked in the office fail into the labor grade 1 and they were not paid near the

pay range their position was called for. The women were underpaid and treated unfairly and the

owner did not care because the competition was scarce.

2. Is there reason to believe that women could file an equal pay lawsuit? If so, explain the

reason and if not, explain why not.

Equal Pay Act “prohibit wage differentials based on sex for employees engaged in

commerce or in production of goods for commerce, or who are employed by an enterprise

engaged in commerce or production of goods for commerce” (John Wiley & Sons, p. 110). In

this scenario chicken was a product that was used as a good for commerce. So...