Bm403 - International Business and Global Management

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Watson, Pamela

BM403 - International Business and Global Management

Learning Activity 1 - Unit 4

Our mission is to be the best technology company through effective communication, prompt attention, quality service, increased employee knowledge, and creative innovations both state-side and abroad.

Our company is dedicated to serving our international customers through effective communication and prompt attention. This means studying the nuances of a particular country’s communication practices. All company employees from bottom to top must know how to communicate with each other and the consumer base we serve. We must be aware of the style of communication. Are there gestures or greetings that are inappropriate. We must also take the time to learn how they practice business in whatever country we decide to market our services to. Our international customers must be made to feel that we are listening to their requests, that we understand and are able to deliver the needed service. Prompt attention becomes an important factor when servicing any customer. With regards to service, the better and more through the quality, the more potential for company growth. When quality is of the finest caliber word gets around. It symbolized the trust that particular customers have in your service and others are often eager to tell other business associates of your great service. Along with communication, marketing in the global arena becomes an important factor.

We intend to promote our services to other countries first answering some very key questions. What is our intended consumer base? Are there legal barriers to entering an international market and if so what are these barriers? Will our services appeal to the targeted market? What is the competition like for our services and what is our position? How will we enter this market? In order to answer these and other like questions some research must be done. To do this the resources of a professional...