Race and Your Community

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Final Project: Race and Your Community


I live in Augusta, Georgia which is now referred to as Augusta-Richmond County, Georgia. Augusta-Richmond County is the second-largest metro area in Georgia. I am Black American which makes up 50.4% of the population compared to 44.9% of the population which is White. Also 2.8% of the population is Hispanic while only 1.5% of the population identifies themselves as Asian. I live in a middle class community near Fort Gordon, Georgia where the majority of the people are African American. All though Augusta is mostly composed of Black and White Americans many soldiers stationed on Fort Gordon bring cultural diversity to the Augusta-Richmond County community. Race relations do not seem to be a problem but the local Klu Klux Klan has planned and attempted to demonstrate at rallies and parades in the Augusta area which proves that racism and discrimination is alive in this area.

The Mayor of Augusta, Deke Copenhaver, has good relations in the black community. He secured funding for the Laney Walker-Bethlehem project, which is converting historic buildings into housing. His continuing development of Augusta rural and black communities helped to re-elect him in 2010. Mayor Copenhaver supported the Augusta GolfFEST fundraiser. The proceeds from the week-long event helped to create an expansion of the Lucy Craft Laney Museum of Black History. The new space at this historic site is dedicated to the contributions made by African Americans to golf. The local churches like the one I used to attend have several programs aimed at Black youth such as summer basketball tournaments and free tutoring.

African Americans do have key positions within the city’s government. My cousin, Edward M. McIntyre (1940–2004) became the first African American mayor of Augusta, Georgia, in 1981. He was also Richmond County's first black county commissioner, and the founder of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials. He paved the way...