It Project Management Assessment

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IT Project Management Assessment

C517/IT Project Management

January 15, 2012

Summarize how the project manager or team exhibited exceptional and ethical project management practices.

Under the project management leadership of CH2M Hill, the project team exhibited many of the PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. “The purpose of this Code is to instill confidence in the project management profession and to help an individual become a better practitioner” (, 2012). The PMI Code of Ethics suggests how project managers should conduct themselves in order to generate trust and respect with other people. The code consists of the standards for Responsibility, Respect, Fairness and Honesty.

At a high level, the Prairie Water Project was managed successfully by CH2M Hill, Inc. However, the project team consisted of project managers and employees of construction companies, designers, contractors and the employees from the city of Aurora. In order to gain the respect of project team members, the PMI code of respect, responsibility, fairness and honesty was exercised with precision by the CH2M Hill.

One of the aspirational standards for responsibility is for project managers to make decisions and take actions based on the best interests of society, public safety, and the environment. Environmental safety was part of the projects plan as engineers designed and constructed ways to naturally purify water underground. The Prairie Waters Project is one of the most advanced environmentally sustainable water supply systems in the West (, 2007).

In addition, responsibility requires that project managers accept only those assignments that are consistent with our background, experience, skills, and qualifications. CH2M Hill accepted a project consistent with their knowledge and experience in civil engineering and construction.

Another ethical code that was abided by the project manager was the PMI code of Respect which states that...