Court Issues Analysis

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Court Issues ana


Current and Future Issues Facing Courts

Kelly Ramos


January 23, 2012

Professor Alan Hazen


Current and Future Issues Facing Courts

Currently courts are facing many issues that seem to be putting a hindrance on the effectiveness of the courts performing their job functions. Overload of cases, funding, recidivism rates, language barriers, and victim rights laws are just to name a few. The future of the courts may help with these issues if the proper actions are taken. Technology is one main tool that will help with the efficiency of the courts. With the new technology developed every year, technology will become a friend to the criminal justice system and the people who visit the system every year.

The courts in the United States deal with many people daily. The many cases brought in front of a judge, daily, is causing case overload in the court systems. According to Matheny (2010), “Courtrooms and jails have become crowded to the bursting point, allowing justice to languish in many locations, legal experts and many working in the judicial system say” (para. 1). Reasons for this are the continuation of court cases by overworked lawyers, prosecutors, and judges. With the rise in the amount of criminal activity, the amount of court cases continues to grow, yet the amount of judges on the bench stays the same.

Funding is another issue facing courts. The funding the courts receive is noticing a decline. This is because legislators and the public not convinced that the viability of the courts is crucial to both protecting individual rights and bolstering the interests of the business community (Podgers, 2011). Another reason is mediation is taking over and allowing certain individuals and companies to use this form of legal system instead of going to court appearances like before. In 2011 the funding for the justice system was cut in 42 states and 34...