Storytelling – an Administrative Tool

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Storytelling is a powerful tool for business. It plays a vital role for organisation for communication and management. People who have good storytelling skills had a great impact on their work performance and professional career. Research suggests that sharing experiences though narrative builds trust, cultivate norms, transfer tactic knowledge, facilitates unlearning, and generates emotional connections. Thus a successful use of stories hinges on choosing the appropriate story-moments and sharing of clear knowledge goals (Sole & Wilson).

In organisation , storytelling is the preferred sense-making currency of human relationships among internal and external stakeholders. People engage in a dynamic process of incremental refinement of their stories of new events as well as on-going reinterpretations of culturally scared story lines. When a decision is at hand, the old stories are recounted and compared to unfolding story lines to keep the organisation from repeating historically bad choices and to invite the repetition of past successes. In a turbulent environment, the organisation halls and offices pulsate with a story life of the here and now that is richer and more vibrant than the firm’s environments (David M. Boje).

Telling stories within an organisation can help shape thinking around ‘who we are and what we stand for’. It can assist employees understanding of organisational reasoning behind company values in day-to-day operations and both strengthen organisational culture in tangible ways and show the way in upholding organisational values, and are one of the ways in which knowledge might be transferred, shared or exchanged (Connell, Klein & Meyer 2004; Fog et al. 2010).


.”Over coffee, one explains to his/her colleague that how he/she shows their disagreement in last meeting. In the conference hall, a CEO shares a vision of what the organisation will look like in future. In the elevator, a manger tells a funny anecdote to...