Catherine and Jason Organizational Behaviour

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Case Analysis-Catherine & Jason

OB- Organizational Behaviour Case Study

April 01, 2011

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Situation

The Frontenac plant was the backbone for the Mobliex organization for many years, however for the last two years their sales have dropped mostly due to relaxed demand for their luxurious mobile homes. The Mobliex Company is made up of five plants, each of which is treated like independent profit centres. Each plant is run by a chief administrator, known as the regional manager. The Frontenac plant employs roughly 700 union workers and 180 salaried workers. Within fifteen years of the regional manager employment no one was ever laid off or fired. If an employee was found “incompetent” a new position would be made for them and someone else was promoted from within the company. The regional manager took his responsibility quite seriously and wanted to be informed of every little detailed concern at the plant. All changes were to be brought up to the regional manager and then decided upon, however the “changes were often overruled”. The headquarters in Saint-Martin decided to implement a management training program for the Frontenac plant to bring in new ideas and increase innovation. Michele de la Salle vice-president of human resources headed up the recruitment for this training program and found two young engineer graduate students from the Oneida Technical University. Catherine Nguyen, a mechanical engineer and Jason Khiev an industrial engineer. Catherine was an excellent student and graduated with honour. She didn’t join in any extracurricular activities or clubs. Catherine was very interested in working at the Frontenac plant because it was close to where she lived, the pay was great and there was no chance of her being transferred. Catherine wanted to be able to take care of her family who lived in Frontenac. Jason was an extremely outgoing individual who wanted to make his own way and was very involved with...