Case Name: Eagle Mfg. Co. Case

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Case Name: Eagle Mfg. Co. case

I. Major Facts

The maintenance submitted a purchase base on inaccurate data that was based on previous year estimates.

The Company is in a sole source position that reduces completion and fixes high prices.

Finance reduced funds for office supplies that were substandard causing downtime for administrative work.

There is poor quality of incoming parts for production based on limited sources.

The companys janitorial contract is poorly written and has unenforceable specifications.

They are not delivering products on time

II. Major Problem

They are not delivering products on time.

Drop in quality of products

The Supply manager for Eagle manufacturing is getting limited cooperation from the organizations other departments.

Bad morale.

There is poor communication from Maintenance, Quality Control, IT, Logistics Operations, Marketing, Engineering, Finance and all other departments.

III. Possible Solutions/Alternatives

A. Integrate Supply chain management! Have each department integrated into the decisions of the others so there is a complete understanding of the organization as a whole. No disadvantage, Advantage is that the whole company is involved in the supply management system and understands how each departments decision affects the other.

B. Organize weekly department meetings so each department is aware of the others situations. Disadvantage is while the other departments are aware, the will not actively participate in Supply management decisions

C. Continue status quo. No advantage. Disadvantage is they will continue to have the same problems.

IV. Choice and Rationale

Integrate Supply chain management! Integration between departments so each knows the flow of the other is crucial. Finance would then understand how their reduction of the cost supplies affects administrative needs. The maintenance department would understand that the costs of things don’t stay the same over time. Operations and Marketing would...