Coca Cola Marketing Strategies

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Mengyun Jia Chapter 8 Evaluation

1. Consumers of Diet Coke are women who wants to take in less calories or want to lose weight. Consumers of Coke Zero is male who want to lose weight. Consumers of Diet Coke Plus are young male consumers who want to lose weight. Consumers of Coca-Cola Blak are older and more sophisticated consumers, and consumers of Full Throttle Blue Demon are Hispanic men. Diet Coke and Coke Zero include the demographic segmentation of gender. Diet Coke Plus and Coke-cola Blak include the demographic segmentation of age. Full Throttle Blue Demon is related to the demographic segmentation of ethnic.

2. Diet Coke Plus is most likely to lose market share to Coke Zero because there two products have similar target consumers which are consumers hoping to have less calories. Since the word “diet” is not appealing to male, they prefer Coke Zero that also contains low calories. Moreover, Coke Zero also improves the artificial sweetener which has a more real taste than the one in Diet Coke Plus and Diet Coke.

3. It is effective because in the hidden-camera video, the “manager for Coca-Cola” mentioned that Coke Zero is a newer, younger soft drink that tastes exactly the same as the classic. Consumers will believe what the managers argued because they were going to sue Coke Zero colleagues though they were just actors. This video emphasize the fact that Coke Zero tastes exactly the same as the original but with

less calories. That is also what its target consumers need from Coke Zero. As a result, the strategy of using hidden-camera videos would reach the target market effectively.

However, it wonʼt be an effective strategy for Diet Coke Plus because it has different taste from the classicʼs, and its aftertaste makes it less popular among males. If a similar viral marketing campaigned posted online, it will not effectively appeal to its target market.

4. Repositioning is not enough for Diet Coke to be considered a drink equally appealing to...