Personality Reflection

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Personality Reflection

Personality Reflection

Personality is extensively diverse across genders and cultures and defines character of individuals. The way people interact with one another and behave in situations can outwardly exhibit personality traits (Friedman & Schustack, 2009). A person’s thoughts and feelings are key contributors to the way their personality is shaped. The distinctive characteristic that a person exhibits consistently is what is defined as personality.

One of my personality traits is being prompt and dedicated in everything I do. An example of this is how I perform my everyday job. My day starts off by waking up early enough to buffer for any potential delays such as traffic or transportation issues. I arrive to work one hour before anyone else so I am able to read my emails and do some work without any interruption. Checking my calendar is next to making sure I plan out the rest of my day. In the twenty years I have been working I have been late to work no more than ten times and I rarely miss a day. The effort and contribution I put into my job is usually superior to those around me. If I do not immerse myself in what I am doing, I do not feel content.

A key contributor to my personality being shaped the way it is was the environment I was brought up in. Both of my parents worked full jobs, never missed a day of work, and made sure the family was always taken care of. The personality traits of my mother and father have somehow made me mimic their behaviors unconsciously.

Another predominant personality trait I tend to exhibit is being shy in certain situations. When I am placed in front of a large group of people I do not know and have to talk or give a presentation to, my mind tends to become cloudy and I begin to stutter. My face becomes flush and I have also even drawn complete blanks of what I am suppose to say. Though if the large group were all people I knew, I would have no problem with the tasks.