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April D. Gulling


Nontraditional and Traditional Litigation Paper

Mr. Huntsman

The risk that organizations take is the inconvenience and aggravation. Preparing any documents or electronic files that are in high demand to meet a deadline. There is an inconvenience with having to leave the staff for a certain amount of time to resolve the lawsuit issue or even take a few of the staff members with you may cause an inconvenience from their work schedule. Even though you may not be the company that is being sued there might be money at risk. There could be a lot of administrative hardships. If your company is given a chance to opt for the ADR your organization should really think about considering on taking the choice of opt Alternate Dispute Resolution. This could reduce the risks and any inconveniences of reducing the costs.

If your company decides to go traditional it is more formal and can be a slower process. The cost is higher than a non – traditional hearing. The client may insist on being heard by a judge that wears a robe. When all is said and done you will get a judgment in a collection case. It is necessary to enforce this once everything is settled and has come to an end. The court system enforces judgments. There is a lot involved to traditional litigation. Using an Arbitrator or Mediator when having to make the choice of ADR make sure you seek out lawyers and do your research on any other professional people you would like to hire to be an arbitrate or mediator. Be very selective in hiring somebody to arbitrate or mediate your dispute. Make sure who you find to be your arbitrator or mediator has a lot of knowledge of your field. And the person you pick should not play favorites.

If you own a motorcycle shop under your name then you have to have capitalization or any other aspects. However, you are under the exact name of ownership and the debtor is under somebody else’s name it...