Advantages and Disadvantages of Dual Credit Programs

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Garrett Wells

December 5, 2011

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dual Credit Programs

Dual credit programs have become rapidly popular since the 1990’s. These programs have both advantages and disadvantages to students, as well as to the colleges. When students are enrolled in these dual credit programs they are able to receive both college and high school credits. Higher education institutions benefit by the new source of students, but with any program, there are improvements that will continue to be made.

The dual credit type programs are a hot topic for both secondary and higher education institutions and these programs are experiencing dynamic growth and are benefiting students, families and colleges. In the article, “Students Participation and Performance in Dual-Credit Courses in a Reform Environment” by John F. Welsh, et al, the authors state that not only do the students get credit for taking the courses, but colleges benefit too. Due to reform requirements, colleges are required to find ways to encourage students to further their education past the high school level. The colleges set up these dual credit programs to give students the feel for college and to encourage students to pursue a higher education. These dual credit programs have improved relationships between high schools and colleges and have definitely proven to be a win/win situation for both students and colleges.

Welsh’s article also states that another advantage to the dual-enrollment programs is that it gives a new initial point of access for students from underserved and underrepresented populations. Students that may have never dreamed of pursuing college, have the opportunity to try college while still in high school because of the accessibility and lower costs of these classes. Brownwood ISD and several local colleges and universities have teamed up and have developed an exciting and successful program for our local students. This program was a vision of...