International Business Opportunity

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International Business Opportunity

a plan to implement bi-level positive airway pressure (Bi-pap) and, continuous positive airway pressure (c-pap) machines into areas where there is a need greater than what is currently in the United States. A bi-pap machine is used to get air into the patient’s lungs when the patient is having shortness of breath or cannot catch their breath due to respiratory disease or other environmental reasons. A c-pap machine is use for individuals that have sleep apnea, which means that the person’s upper airway collapses, causing breathing to stop temporarily, and repeatedly. This can and most often is a result of obesity ( 2012). Research has shown that Mexico has a large population of obese patients meaning that there would be a need for c-pap machines to increase the wellbeing of this population. Obesity is a sign of sleep apnea that requires a machine to help the individual gain a safe and restful nights sleep.

The firm would like to grow over seas to increase profits and reach out to a group of people that would not have had this technology otherwise. Now it is time to decide the price of the service in Mexico to decide if it would be profitable for the firm. The price will change and this firm needs to know how drastically. Deciding who will be employed to sell, distribute and teach the product will need to be determined.

The firm has to also find the barriers of entry into Mexico simply because of the fact that it is another country with its own set of rules and regulations. An analysis of the potential customers is necessary to see if the product will be a success. Finally, there are many factors that go into selling a product overseas; maybe the most important is how the finances will be allocated. How will the firm pay for the import and receive payment for the exports, these are important factors that will be addressed before action can be taken.


The country of Mexico is governed...