Media That Has Changed American Culture

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Thesis statement: The wizard of oz movie is an American classic both inspiring a controversial. Almost every American has seen the wizard of oz.; it is a part of American history.

The wizard of oz is a film based on the book The wonderful world of oz written by L.Frank Baum. The wizard of oz has had an impact on popular culture today. It has been said that the popular star wars characters "chewie" and "c3po" were inspired from the wizard of oz. Almost any time a person mentions Kansas or tornados the wizard of oz comes to mind. There is also supposedly a link between the popular music band "Pink Floyd's album dark side of the moon and the wizard of oz movie. There are other ways that the wizard of oz has showed up in recent popular culture such as: Barbie in 1995 was Glenda the good witch, Elton John’s album in 1973 goodbye yellow brick road, Under the rainbow a Chevy Chase movie released in 1981, The 80's band Toto named themselves after Dorothy’s dog from the wizard of oz,. The Muppets wizard of oz that aired in 2005, and the wizard of oz on ice which aired in 1996. All these events would not have happened if not for the wizard of oz movie. There was also some controversy from the movie as well. Some Christians have said the movie was unethical because of the use of witches and spells in the movie. There are some parents who still will not allow their children to watch the movie because they believe it promotes witchcraft and secular humanism.