Leadership Improvement Plan

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I shall explore my former place of employment. I will discuss my former manager as a critical, but effective leader within the business. My exploration of his leadership skills and techniques that made him successful among his peers. Learning problems exists at serious levels and the fault points from employees, Assistant managers and vendors. J. David McPherson was the General Manager of Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Jackson, MS. He was effective in maintaining employees, and requiring everyone in a leadership position to be cross-trained. He was instrumental in causing favorably changes in his restaurant that affected employee achievement and management promotions. David was able to implement programs that greatly affected learning in the restaurant for new employees. His techniques were paramount because of his attitude towards his staff in which he genuinely seemed to care about his employees. David was a servant leader. By paying particularly close attention to the needs of his colleagues and those, he served. Servant-leaders are humble stewards of their organization's resources: human, financial and physical. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servant_leadership

David’s leadership style was more democratic. He chose to ask others their opinion and not be afraid to be criticized, by subordinates. One of the qualities he possessed is the ability to excite and inspire their staff. As the leader, he totally believed in, and committed himself to his operation and the people who were vital to its success. David was enthusiastic and he was able to communicate that enthusiasm to the staff. “If you can’t feel it, and express it, how can you expect the same from your staff”? He showed us the importance of our work. The mindset that he developed in us was fascinating at least for me. He made us feel, that we were more that “just a chef or waitperson”, we were public relations experts. I took an ownership mentality.

David communicated, one on one, with us to find out...