Animal Testing

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The usage of animals for scientific research was first proposed and conducted by Aristotle in the 4th century BC (Vlasak 815). Twenty-five centuries later, this practice of animal experimentation has raised many ethical questions and several banning attempts by animal rights activists and anti-vivisectionists (Haldane 658). These opponents believe that the lives of animals should be respected and preserved like human lives and that animals’ right to live don’t differ from our very own. They argue that the conditions of these animals are evident of a cruel and unhealthy environment and that animals too suffer from pain and distress just as we do. In contrast to these beliefs, those for animal testing ensure that animals are treated in a very considerate manner, being injected with anesthetics during testing to prevent any form of distress or pain, and that experiments in the laboratory are only carried out after approval by a whole panel of professionals (France-Presse A4). As much as disagreement there has been between the two sides, it is a proven fact that animal research has led to much advancement in the medical field and has resulted in the discovery of many cures to illnesses and essentially saved lives (Haldane 661).

The lives of any living being, whether human or animal should be treated with utmost respect and consideration. This point has been the central issue in a controversial debate which has lasted for many years. While animal rights activists are constantly accusing humans of being selfish just so we can live a better life, supporters of animal research explain things in a new light. Although humans and animals are seen to differ in many ways physically and intellectually, the welfare and protection of animals nowadays are given a very high priority. Animal experimentation is not just a casual occurrence as it may sound. In fact, in the past two decades, this sector of animal research has been revolutionized to a great extent.

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