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Gina Vavecchia Ragone, Aug 2007. Wing Kings

Restaurant Hospitality, Vol. 91 Issue 8, p53-58

From the article, the author introduced brief history of Buffalo Wild Wings and its keys to success. One is its unique experience. Buffalo Wild Wings’ flexible service mode allows customers to linger and watch a game, which means they will place several orders during the span of their stay. Another key is careful expansion of the menu to add breadth and appeal to a broader customer base. In addition, its menu prices are below that of its bar-and-grill competitors. With low price points and state-of-the art media, Buffalo Wild Wings presents excellent value for 18 to 40-year-old target market. Finally, build brand awareness through advertising at sports channel have also helped to grow the chains. Its next step is to expand 1000 units domestically.

The author is an editor of the media “Restaurant Hospitality”, focusing on feature articles, business profiles, interviews, marketing, legislation, product reviews and news of note for executives and managers in the restaurant business. She wrote many feature articles for Restaurant Hospitality and it makes the information source reliable.

The key to success provided in the article give a depth of perception why Buffalo Wild Wings is on excellent operation reflected on its revenue. “What’s Next” also indicates the plan of the company for future growth. The information will help me in understanding the history, strategies and the vision of the company, and thus will be very useful as input while we plan its global market strategy.