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The Causes of Bullying

Bullying is a word heard too often in our schools today. Unfortunately, this is a very personal topic for me. My son was verbally abused by an older kid on the school bus last year. Although in our case, the situation was caught just in time and did not progress, this aggressive behavior shown between kids can go on for weeks, months or even years. What are the causes for this form of abuse among students? IF WE FIND THESE CAUSES THERE IS A GOOD PROBABILITY TO FIND A WAY TO PREVENT THIS KIND OF UNNECESARY ABUSE.

TO BEGIN WITH; ONE OF THE MAIN CAUSES FOR THE ABUSE TO TAKE PLACE IS THE OFFENDER’S INABILITY TO EMPATHIZE WITH THEIR VICTIM’S FEELINGS. This kind of pathology in a child is generated by their dysfunctional families. In this case with my son as the bully’s parents were going through a nasty divorce, the kid was already showing bad behavior at school. They often come from homes that lack of warm and affectionate parental relationships. The good or bad values and attitudes, which are transmitted in family, are the only manner of behavior that the boy knows. Consequently, the boy who is badly educated at home will reproduce that behavior in the school. The interactions with their peers and teachers will most probably fail making the school experience a nightmare.

FURTHERMORE, THERE IS THE INABILITY AT SCHOOL AND HOME TO MONITOR THE FREQUENCY AND SEVERITY OF BULLYING SITUATIONS. Often, the parents or teachers are the last ones in finding out the harassment that the child or student undergoes. Therefore, the attention and pursuit that any child is supposed to have, is vague in the family and school environment. Kids that experience bullying have shame or fear of any retaliation. Certainly, if it has been long run of harassment, the psychological and physical damage can be irreversible. The harassed kid remains isolated,...